You are so beautiful. You are full of life and creativity, of green and beaches and of sunburned tourists; of small towners sipping sweet tea in rocking chairs and fanning their faces. You are a sweet summer day and a cool winter night. But my gosh, how you tend to betray my heart again and again. Your history is rich with kindness and of simultaneous awful deeds. The history of racism is not history but present in so many areas, and you are strife with judgment. My heart was broken yet again in May of this year (!) when you chose to pass a bill that says that same sex marriages cannot foster or adopt children from religious agencies if that agency so chooses.

Sweet Alabama full of beautiful family’s of all different backgrounds, what a sad story you choose to tell so often. What a misguided view. How would you think that choosing the WANTS of a “religious” agency over the NEEDS of children was an opportunity to personify God? How do you choose to pass laws over and over again that do not seek to make the world a more loving place, but seeks to make small minded views ever present in time of need?

Dear Alabamians, do you not understand that children in your state are suffering? That they are being abused and molested, raped and tortured in your two parent mother father homes? That in your “christian” households are where so much of this pain and need for foster care is occurring? Do you not understand that while you may not agree with same sex marriages, two mothers or two fathers may be just what a child who has experienced extreme trauma and pain at the hand of a certain gender may need in that time? That love does not know gender, nationality, race or religion?? That any person has the ability to love a child and if they are a safe person, they should have the right to do so?

I love you, Alabama, and still choose to call you home because that is where my family resides. It is where I have experienced so many incredible memories and met so many fantastic, colorful, incredible people. Where the church has extended a hand of grace to me, even though it is not perfect. Alabama has a special place in my heart, but you wound with more regularity and choose to sleep through social issues of justice with ignorance and a stinging “bless your heart”.

This bill is not helping children, it is hurting them by denying them a potentially loving and safe home. It is hurting them by continuing to limit their options in ever increasing selfish ways and saying it’s in the name of the Lord.

Alabama, you are so beautiful, why are you choosing to believe you are ugly and acting accordingly?