I just finished watching the movie “The Incredible Jessica James” on Netflix.

It was amazing. I watched it because I am obsessed with the podcast 2 Dope Queens with Jessica Williams (who played Jessica James) and Phoebe Robinson (who also wrote a book I love- You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain and who does the podcast Sooo Many White Guys with Ilana Glazer- who I will be mentioning shortly) and they have been talking about it on the podcast. These two Queens, along with aforementioned Ilana Glazer who is on “Broad City” with Abbi Jacobson (who has another podcast called A Piece of Work) are four of my top modern heroes.

(To be clear, these ladies have soooo many other accomplishments, these are just the means by which I am familiar with them personally.)

These women are my heroes because they are brave, hilarious, and so true to themselves. They aren’t afraid to speak out against the patriarchy and to talk about politics and women’s rights publicly. They tell hilarious and embarrassing personal stories and they aren’t even afraid about their family’s and friends listening in- did I already say brave?! They are strong women who aren’t afraid to be unabashedly themselves and I LOVE IT. They inspire me in so many ways and I am so happy to have these types of women represented during my lifetime, women who are close to my age and who are making it!

I went to school and got my undergraduate and graduate degree in Social Work. I did numerous internships while I was in school and excluding a brief 6 month coffee shop job in between school and my first official social work job, have been doing social work for nine years straight. Specialty? Children and Adolescent Trauma Work- working as a therapist for kids who are underprivileged because society works that way, and working in foster care. Needless to say, burnout is real. There are many reasons, but that is another blog, ya’ll. So, before I got the point where I- to say it delicately- didn’t hate every single fucking person who crossed my path…I decided to take a year off. I took a hella pay cut and decided to nanny for the first time. Babies of all the ages I could work with, I mean?! And also dog sit here and there on the weekends for extra money. I only work four days a week and it is normal hours; 8:30-4:30. I NEEDED a break ya’ll, a mental health break. A break to rediscover who I am and what I love! I decided to start painting, and to try and sell some of my paintings. I said I will write more. I gave myself a summer slogan which I am pretty sure I will just keep for the rest of the year of “Be sexy and self-assess” and I have been working out, buying only clothes I love, and writing actual pro- con lists about what I think I do well and what I can improve in. I am giving myself permission to rest. And you guys, I am finding myself again, and it couldn’t be more worth it.

I listen to these ladies and I look at what they are doing and I am proud. I am proud for women, and especially women of color. I mean come onnnnnnn, we need a break ya’ll! Especially our gorgeous POC Queens!!! And I listen and I read and I pick up all kinds of books about fierce women like #Girlboss (my current read) and I think YES and then I think, what am I saying YES to? And how can I be more intentional about that? And you know what? I am watching this movie, and there comes a point where a group is at a theater writing retreat and Jessica goes to talk to a Tony award winning playwright and she is asking how she got there and you know how that dialogue goes?

Playwright Sarah: What does theater actually mean to you?

Jessica: I just love it.

Playwright Sarah: And you’re doing it, that’s why we are here, right? This is it! There’s kind of not more to it than that.

And I felt relief. Like an audible sigh of relief, because we make things sooooo complicated and it just isn’t. What do I love to do? Create! Be around people and love them! And you know what? I am doing that. Maybe it doesn’t look like something concrete, but that is just the thing- this quote is implying that it doesn’t HAVE TO. And my gosh is that a relief! I went into social work because I love people and I want to see family’s succeed, and whether in a direct field as a case worker, as a nanny, or even working in a coffee shop I can do that. I can be creative in and out of a ‘work’ setting. I can love people every time I encounter someone. I am ALREADY DOING IT. I am already living the life that I crave! How can I not find gratitude in that? How can that not be the greatest relief? My mindset is still absorbing this quote, this SIMPLE and profound statement.

There’s kind of not more to it than that.